Look for a guide with a blue suitcase!

Daily at 14:00 from the Powder Tower in Old Riga

Most unique Free walking Tour in Riga

Center Riga Free Tour

Center of Riga  developed in the 19th and 20th centuries when Riga had lost status of a fortress. Industrial revolution leads to expansion of Riga beyond the Old Town.

On Center Riga Free tour we explore places Outside Old Riga. During 2.5 hours (includes 15 min tea, coffee break) we will explore many yards of the center Riga, hidden among buildings with intriguing visuals, history  and people behind them. People that have put substantial effort in the development of Riga. If you like to step aside from main sights of the city and want to see something different then this is your tour:)

Join us to have a great time. Educational and fun!

After tour advice on what to do in Riga: where else to go, what else to see, where to eat and so on- all that is always shared with you guys.

If the Tour was enjoyed by you we are happy and grateful to get your tips too! 🙂

About us

We take our main pride that we are not part of any Global Free Tour corporation and are run by few local people who love their city and want to share it with you on our tours.

Center Riga Free Tour is established for all Riga visitors. We run Tours 5 years and they are loved by visitors from all over the world. We try to make the tour not only informative, but fun, entertaining and tour that you will be happy you took.

We have realized that Free tours around the world often are more loved by people then fixed price events, also it is a chance to meet many other people and oftenly unite to spend time together.

We are enthusiastic, well- informed and certified guides that have come under one name – Center Riga Free Tour.

Center Riga Free Tour – designed to introduce you to history,  culture, architecture and daily life of Riga and Latvia. Spiced up with personal stories and legends this tour will make you happy at the end of it! Plus it is for tips that you decide on!:)

See you soon on our tour!

Riga Tour Guides


I am born half decade before Soviet Union collapse. Most of my life I have lived in Riga.

I love Riga. I enjoy meeting people and I am passionate about my job being a tour guide. I feel really priviledged for given opportunity to meet so many people from all around the world and pass over my feelings, love and passion about my beloved city! 

I have guided tours in Riga and Latvia now for 8 years. Except being tour guide for Center Riga Free Tour I am also keen and experienced guide for bicycle and Segway tours. So it is very probable that you can see me: walking, cycling or riding  Segway.


My mother is a blond, blue-eyed Latvian, who fell in love with my father, a German with Black-Sea German ancestors and the result was me! I was born in Jūrmala during Soviet times, but grew up in Germany. 1993 my family decided to move to Latvia and here I am!

 You may already guess, that I have a quite intriguing family history and so is the history of Riga – a bit like me: half Latvian, half German.

Riga is my home for 23 years now and I fell in love with the city right from the start and so, I believe, do our guests.

 The last 3 years I have the best job in the world – being a tour guide, as I spend my working day in fresh air, I achieve everyday the minimum of 10 000 steps and I meet nice and friendly people from around the world.


 My life’s motto is: “Whatever you are, be a good one.” (Abraham Lincoln agrees me on that).


So I give my best telling about Riga and how it is to be a Latvian slash German in this multi cultural city. Also sometimes on a bike or Segway!


My name is Yanis (Latvian Jānis). My main area of expertise is sinology. 

I have a bunch of hobbies: history, science&technology, languages, computers, amateur radio, religion… Yet becoming a guide was all my wife’s idea. She kept saying: you’re into languages, you love history, you talk a lot, sometimes too much even… Let’s make use of that!

So here I am. Guiding has become a part of my being. And Riga is a perfect place for history, art, music or culture lovers. So come and live through the adventure this city offers!